Hotline Service and Remote Service

AIBUTLER can provide enthusiastic support and remote service according to customer's working hours, and troubleshooting by telephone and network connection

Emergency Repair

If the error cannot be eliminated through remote support, AIBUTLER will intervene on site for repair service, and the specific response time is defined according to customer needs.

Residential Service

AIBUTLER equipment service engineers are stationed at the customer's site to accompany customers to perform daily operation and maintenance work. The aim is to speed up the customer's familiarity with the new system, shorten the troubleshooting time, improve the system availability and fully train the customer to create opportunity for the customers to establish the their own technical team.

Preventive Maintenance Service

After the system is online, AIBUTLER provides regular routine inspection and preventive maintenance for all equipment during normal working hours. Before each maintenance, AIBUTLER will discuss with the customer for a specific time and submit a preventive maintenance plan.
The routine inspection includes: checking the operation and maintenance of the customers, arranging the solution of the major issues and the training of the general issues according to the feedback of the customers on the use of the system, thereby ensuring the continuity of the proper operation of the department and avoiding the potential risks caused by improper operation. 
Preventive maintenance refers to the staged maintenance of the equipment according to the equipment maintenance requirements of the equipment manufacturer, resolve the issues found during maintenance, and, during problem solving, check the use and maintenance of the system by the customers and advise them accordingly.


● AIBUTLER will advise and arrange targeted expert-level training based on the customer's actual situation and actual needs, including but not limited to:
● Mechanical, electrical, control, software functions, repairs, and maintenance;
● Explaination of special topics and practical exercises of the subsystem;
● Knowledge of WMS/WCS logistics management, etc.

System Upgrade and Retrofit

● Expansion of equipment and facilities; on the basis of existing installations, increase supply, delivery and commissioning to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of customers;
● Software enhancement; providing and implementing additional software features to meet the changing and increasing needs of customers;
● IT hardware expansion; increase supply and commissioning on existing hardware to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of customers.
● Equipment upgrade; evaluation, supply, delivery and commissioning of complete equipment or replacement of main components including control systems. This is the most cost-effective method for extending the service life of equipment after installation for a long time;
● Software upgrades; upgrade of standardized application software and/or operating systems and/or databases to enable installed systems to keep up with the latest technologies and to obtain available features;
● IT hardware upgrades; upgrade IT hardware to keep the installed system up to date with the latest technology.

Spare parts

● Inquiries and orders for spare parts can be contacted by AIBUTLER support center in Shanghai or other offices (with the consent of the customer) from 09:00-18:00, Monday through Friday, except on public holidays.
● Name and part number (according to the project file);
● Quantity
Customer contact name and contact number.