• Name:Choonfoong Wong
    CEO, Project Director
    Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and served as General Manager of China Swisslog and CEO of Fives Logistics
    22 years of experience in automated logistics
  • Name:Weelong Fan
    Technical Director
    Former designer of Swisslog
    20 years of experience in automated logistics
  • Name:Yeoh Wooi Meng
    Director of Software Development
    Former Swisslog Software Development Manager
    7 years of automated logistics experience
  • Name:Pang Kent Yan
    Software Center General Manager
    Former Swisslog Software Implementation Manager
    22 years of experience in automated logistics
  • Name:Eric Chen
    After Sales Director
    with 16 years of after-sales service experience, including 10 years in the automated logistics industry
  • Name:Leixin Liu
    Software application and Implementation Manager
    Former Swisslog Process Manager
    15 years experience in planning, design and implementation of logistics information system
  • Name:Xie Zhikai
    Artificial Intelligence Technology Consultant
    President of Sino-British Artificial Intelligence Association