Company Profile

Since its establishment in 2003, Aibutler has been focusing on the development of automated logistics projects in China's tobacco manufacturing and distribution sectors and has accumulated rich experience in tobacco manufacturing and distribution.

Aibutler is headquartered in Shanghai and has an international presence. It has extensive contacts and cooperation with AI R&D centers of 13 universities and more than 700 AI technology companies in London. Aibutler (UK) branch was set up in London with the aim to acquire the most advanced AI technologies in London.

In order to obtain the high calibre software talents in Malaysia with international experience in automated logistics projects, we incorporated Aibutler (Malaysia) branch in Malaysia as a software research and development center to attract onboard a large number of well-known logistic software development talents from with experience in Europe and the United States and developed Warehouse Management System AIB 4.0, a software system with internationally advanced AI elements.

In recent years, Aibutler has also won a series of signature projects, such as, in the sector of China's tobacco manufacturing, the automated logistics project of Pudong production base of Shanghai Cigarette Factory with annual production capacity of 2 million "big cases", which has been successfully installed, commissioned and trial-run, and in the field of China's tobacco distribution, the automated logistics project of technology upgrade of Shanghai Haiyan Logistics Distribution Center with capacity of 875,700 "big cases" per year and the project consists of a buffer storage and replenishment system using intelligent AGV system as first-of-its-kind in tobacco distribution and six high-speed automatic sorting lines of 30,000 cartons per hour.

Aibutler's core competencies

Focus on overall solution design, software, control system, system integration and project management


Provide the best-fit solution layout design and flexible equipment selection to customers


Work with domestic and international strategic partners with high-quality products.


Provide full life cycle after-sales service