• 2018

    Won the Shanghai Haiyan Logistics Distribution Center in-situ technology upgrade project of automated logistics system
    Contract amount: 145 million
  • 2017

    “Shanghai Tobaccowin Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.” changed its name to “Shanghai Aibutler Technology Co., Ltd.”
  • 2014

    Winning the automated logistics system of Pudong Production Base of Shanghai Cigarette Factory
    Contract scope: raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse and direct material warehouse
    Contract amount: 190 million
  • 2013

    “Shanghai Tobaccowin Automation Co., Ltd.” changed its name to “Shanghai Tobaccowin Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.”
  • 2012

    1.Successfully won the bid for the Automated Logistics project of  Xuchang Cigarette Factory
    2.Winning the bidding machine and shuttle project of the raw material  warehouse system of Shanghai Cigarette Factory
    3.Passed the German TUV ISO9001 quality management system certification
  • 2011

    Winning the bid for the vertical hoist project of the original auxiliary material storage tray of Tianjin Tobacco Factory  Co., Ltd.
  • 2008

    Successfully won the bid for the “Zhonghua” automated logistics system project raw material formula library, auxiliary material warehouse and finished product warehouse roadway stacker project of Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • 2003

    Shanghai Tobaccowin Automation Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2019

    1.Established Aibutler (UK) Company
    2.Established Aibutler (Malaysia) Company